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You are looking for support/company or would like to offer your services?

Then you are at the right place!

All the listed categories revolve around company/support, the main feature of club4company.

Here you'll find


Recreational accompaniment, visits to restaurants, theaters, concerts, parties, balls, events, business events and fairs, travel companion

Senior care

Talks, reading out books and newspapers,
walks, social games, errands, doctor visits, visits to senior and elderly care facilities, relief for relatives, household support

Animal care

Walking the dog, Animal care,
Care while on vacation

Child care

Babysitting, Au pair, pick up/drop off school/day care, minding of children/adolescents

Local Assistance

city guiding, language coach, local tips and company, tour guiding

Language training

Learning and practising of languages in comfortable and personal settings


Motivational partner, Personal trainer


Support with cooking, Domestic assistance


Maths, Physics/Biology/Chemistry, Accounting, Business management, IT


Singing, Dance, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Percussion, Wind instruments, Self-defence


Chauffeur, Bodyguard


Nutrition advice, Therapy, Massage

Who we are

club4company is an online service assisting in making a variety of social connections within the scope of company and support, even beyond national borders.

We have invested a lot of thought to create a modern and user-friendly platform and hope to offer society a valuable service...  More info


  • Free Membership
  • Direct contact between Clients and Service Providers
  • No Agency fees
  • Easily understandable, user-friendly system
  • An additional income opportunity for Service Providers
  • A growing range of Service Providers and Clients


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I have not received a verification email.

Please check your email spam folder. In case you have not received a verification email from us, please get in touch.

I have chosen the wrong profile type.

No problem! We can set the correct profile type or assist in choosing the appropriate one for you.

I forgot my password.

You can reset your password at the Login by clicking "Forgot password". A new password will be generated and sent to you by email. You can change your password at any time.

Is the membership free at club4company?

Yes, Clients only have to pay the hourly rate of the Service Provider.

club4company will not receive a percentage, regardless of the number of established contacts or common activities.

What is the difference between "Service provider" and "Client"?

  Client Service provider
Specify hourly rate
Listing in search results
Can offer company
Can search for company

I want to cancel my membership.

Please send us a message via the support form. Then you will be promptly removed from the system. We will appreciate if you could briefly explain the reason for your cancellation in order for us to improve our services.


What is club4company?

club4company is an online service for the connection of people for social contacts.

There are multiple areas which have been sorted in the following categories:
company, senior care, animal care, child care, tourist assistance, language training, fitness, household.

We will extend those categories if required.

There are two profile types: client and service provider.

Clients are those that look for people (service providers).
Service providers are people that provide their time for a small compensation (individually chosen hourly rate). This hourly rate can vary from person to person.

How does club4company work?

Very easy – you register as a service provider or client.

As a client you can search for service providers, contact the chosen person and meet after an agreement has been reached.

As a service provider you will be contacted by clients if they are interested. After an agreement has been arranged you can meet with them. The more comprehensive and detailed your profile data are, the more likely you will receive enquiries. We recommend to upload an ID for verification, to gain trust and to underline your serious intensions.

What is the difference between club4company and social services?

There are websites similar to club4company that connect people for senior care, child care, animal care and so on. However, the process is usually more complicated, because all dealings are managed by the portal. Therefore, higher charges are incurred leading to lower hourly rates for the service providers. At club4company service providers can determine their hourly rates for themselves which is currently still a unique selling point. Also the predominant focus at club4company is based on company.

What is the difference between club4company and social networks?

Similar to dating agencies, a somewhat higher probability of rejection is likely. Not everybody that you are friends with, for different reasons, is available for meetings and services.

When you want to use company (in the different categories), you are well looked after by club4company because the platform was developed for that particular purpose.

What is the difference between club4company and dating agencies?

Principally, dating agencies and dating sites are for people seeking a type of intimate relationship (partnership, marriage or a form of physical closeness).

club4company it exclusively aimed for company (social contacts).

Naturally, the right company can create favourable conditions to connect with other people. In comparison to dating agencies, a great advantage of club4company is the less likely rejection because it is social company and the person of choice receives a compensation.

What is the difference between club4company and an escort service?

  • club4company is exclusively for social contacts!
  • club4company is no agency but an internet-portal!
  • club4company does not receive a percentage of the service provider’s hourly rate!
  • club4company enables the lowest hourly rate because the entire earnings go to the service provider!


What does the term "Client" stand for?

A Client is a person in search of company/support.

How is the contact with a Service Provider established?

It is very easy! Once you have found the desired Service Provider using the search function, you can immediately send him/her a message.

Can I be listed in the search results?

No, the search results exclusively list Service Providers.

What does the hourly rate mean?

The hourly rate is the compensation the respective Service Provider would like for their service.

Since the Service Providers can freely choose their hourly rate, be aware that the amount can vary.

Service provider

What does the term "Service provider" stand for?

Service providers are people who offer their time, and perhaps knowledge, for companionship, social activities and support after individual arrangement.

What amount should my hourly rate be?

This is entirely up to you regardless of whether it is in the low, medium or high range. However, we recommend to start in the lower range as the rate can be increased at any time accordingly.

The minimum rate is €1.

What percentage of my hourly rate goes to club4company?

Nothing! The full amount goes to the Service Provider. However, the relevant tax laws must be considered and taken into account. If the tax free allowance has been exceeded, the Service Provider is responsible to declare and pay the correct tax.

Do I have to upload a Profile photo?

No, but we recommend the upload of a friendly profile photo, in order to increase the chance of enquiries.

Do I have to upload a Photo ID?

No, however do we recommend the upload of a Photo-ID to establish a certain degree of trust. Neither details nor Photo-ID are publicly viewable or seen by other members.


Data security is important to us. Therefore, all content is encrypted.

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