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club4company is an online service assisting in making a variety of social connections within the scope of company and support, even beyond national borders.

We have invested a lot of thought to create a modern and user-friendly platform and hope to offer society a valuable service.

The basic idea of club4company originated in 1994, when the escort agency "Vienna Feeling" was launched. This was not a traditional escort agency, as it strictly involved company only. This alone was something completely different and new. Another novelty was that men offered their companionship as well.

Shortly later - as an extension of Vienna Feeling - the first Animal-Care Service in Austria was added. Back then the pet service industry idea wasn't perceived as something in demand. Today it is looked upon as completely normal. In those days the Internet was unheard of and computers only used within the home environment. Meanwhile it has become wide spread and is of great comfort in daily interaction with others.

Nowadays, we are increasingly challenged to meet the many diverse requirements and necessities that our everyday life demands from us. Our relatives, friends and acquaintances don't always have the time or are in a position to support or keep us company.

For that reason we have created club4company, an Internet portal that enables fuss-free connections between service providers and clients for social purposes.

club4company should be of great assistance in many different areas of life and thus be available to everyone in order for them to have access to the required support/company they need. Or in case of Service-Providers, provide a nice and genuine opportunity for an additional income.

Support in everyday life and company should be affordable for as many people as possible. Clients pay only the hourly fee (compensation) that they have agreed on to the service providers. The service providers pay a small contribution to cover the cost in form of tickets which are valid from 30 to 365 days.

We provide an attractive, clearly arranged website that enables a fuss-free and direct contact between clients and service providers. In 2016 the site was also optimised for mobile devices.


Data security is important to us. Therefore, all content is encrypted.

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